improve your Child's hair texture and growth

avoid dry bristle kid's hair. Gently Treat, condition and moisturize your kids hair at least once a week, trim every six to eight weeks to eliminate split ends, avoiding braids and tight hair styles, if you must use braids for convenience purpose, two strands twists are the best way to ensure less hair breakage and eliminate dehydration.

Avoid Changing hair products too often, stick to one or two hair care lines, unless your hair react negatively or you notice hair breakage. Keep your child hair moisturized and tangle free use products that can help your Childs hair to retain moisture. Use a leave in treatment or styling creams, this will de tangle, nourish and moisturize your child's delicate hair, will also provide protection, add elasticity, eliminate breakage, dehydration, and split ends. Massage Oils on the scalp and hair follicles, is recommended. Hair oils instantly absorbs into the hair to improve hair health and growth, eliminate frizz, while enhancing the hair texture. For at least 4 consecutive days after washing my daughter's hair, before bed time, I always apply, gently warmed oil with a cotton ball, I don't necessarily style her hair daily, but I try to apply the oil in her scalp.

"while washing the hair you can mix the shampoo with coconut, or almond oil this will help protect the hair from breakage and dehydration. Gently Love your child's hair, take good care of it now, so in the future they can enjoy long healthy hair.

Remember, use products formulated for kids hair.


Love the way your hair feels

Silicon Mix products Contains Silicones, Keratin, and Ceramides which softens and define curls allowing the hair to de tangle easier.   Silicon mix hair products act as a protective coating, prevent frizz and split ends, works great for curly hair, Silicon Mix Intensive Hair Treatment helps to restore dry, damaged and weak hair.
Silicon is a natural element present in the earth’s crust. It is found in rocks sand clay, also granite, quartz and other natural earth elements.
Silicon is used in most hair care products due to its ability to seal moisture and its excellent protect
Silicone components have extremely large molecules which make it impossible for the hair shaft to absorb it, make in it totally difficult to cause damage or any other injury to the hair or scalp.

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