How to select your blow dryer

Blow dry Your Hair Like a Dominican  Hair Stylist.

When it comes to Blow- Drying your hair, the quality of your round brushes and Blow Dryer, is what makes the difference between a Blowout and a  ‘Dominican Blow-Out ‘

I personally Think a blow dryer should be one with perfectly balanced heat, I prefer 2500 watts.   (
1875 blow dryer will not give you the same results).  If the dryer temperature is not high enough you will have to expose the hair to heat for a long time before the hair is dry and this could cause the hair to become dehydrated and break.  You need the perfect balance of heat (not too hot or too cold)

You don't  have to search for it, because  I 've already tried them out for you! 

We put these brushes to the test and are some of the best round brushes and blow dryers, especially those preferred by Dominican hair stylist and used in professional hair salons.  Most Dominican stylists prefer these types of blow dryers, and hairbrushes, because they have everything you need to accomplish straight shinny hair.

The best round brushes for curly hair are those mixed with some nylon bristle, ‘the nylon bristle helps penetrate the hair to smooth and eliminate frizz’.  Most "boar" bristled brushes are reinforced with nylon.

100% Boar brushes are Great for fine to medium hair.  However, Not recommended for thick hair textures.

Boar bristles Brushes are excellent tools they help redistribute the hair oils, close cuticle and make the hair shinny.   100% boar brushes are usually very soft and will give your hair a silky, bouncy feel; they are also best to protect relaxed or thinning hair from breakage.


Select your round brushes

Phillips MonsterVent Brush. Excellent, Excellent Excellent! This is a professional round brush especially made for really long hair, its reinforced bristles allows better control for those with long curly hair.   If you are looking for a brush for volume and have short hair, this brush main purpose is not to create volume but to tame long curly hair.

Rsession Round Brush.This Round Brush is made of Mixed boar with (porcupine) bristles' Creates lots of volume makes the hair really bouncy and smooth Excellent brush for wet blow outs.

Ionic Ceramic Tools and round brushes These brushes are really strong, great tools for a perfect blowout.   The ceramic evenly spreads the heat thru the brush and hair to help eliminate frizz, creating a silky smooth hair finish. However, this brush is not the best brush for coarse or curly hair, it will work better for fine, relaxed or straight hair.

Latina Envy Brush. This is the best brush for thick, coarse, extremely difficult to manage hair
Designed for faster styling. This round brush allow the most difficult hair to become silky and straight without a lot of pulling and stress made of high quality boar bristles

Spornette ZHU Boar/Nylon Rounder
Great for hair straightening! Leaves the hair feeling soft and silky, works great on curly hair
this round brush is made of Ionic nylon and 100% pure boar bristles
the handles made of bamboo. Spornette Provo Tourmaline Round

Recommended for really thick hair. One of the best ever made from Tourmaline Round Brush Series.  This brush is a mixture of boar and tourmaline enhanced nylon bristle.

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