How To Get The Straight Hair Look On Curly Hair
The Following Dominican Blow Out Technique Is Well Known To Be The Best Straight Hair Technique For African Americans And Women Around The World.

Learn How Do You Get Straight Hair Without The Use Of Relaxers Or Chemicals. Find The Best Curly Hair Products And Straight Hairstyles.

If You Choose To Get Straight Hair By Doing The Dominican Blow Out.
Before You Blow-Dry Your Hair, You Must Protect Your Hair With A Good Leave In Treatment Such As
La Plancha Or Boe Crece Pelo And Spray Your Scalp With Natural Oils, ‘This Will Coat Your Hair With The Necessary Moisturizers To Protect It From The Heat’.

Avoid The Extra Heat From The Flat Iron; You Don't Really Need The Flat Iron To Get That Perfect Straight Hair Look.
However, Is A Matter Of Choice Whether You Want To Use A Flat Iron After A Wet Blowout Or Not.
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personal tips for your pretty girl's hair

African American hair is very fragile. Some times parents fail to treat their kid’s hair; mostly because they believe that kids hair don't need to be treated as adult's hair.


We fail to focus on the little ones hair and many times abuse it by using hair grease, synthetic oils and other hair products that are not good for our kid’s scalp and hair texture.


Untreated coarse hair becomes dehydrated and can difficult to manage and even more difficult to style, because the hair feels brittle and rough. 

Protective Kids Hair Styles

Avoid dry brittle hair by; treating the child’s hair at least once a week, trimming, every six to eight weeks (to eliminate split ends) and avoiding braids and tight hairstyles.  ‘If due to time management you must braid your child’s hair, two strands twists are the best way to ensure less hair breakage and minimize dehydration.

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