Hair tip for dandruff ans dry scalp

This is very effective and will not only help to correct dandruff and dry scalp, but it is also an excellent  hair tip to stop hair breakage and works within the first treatment.


This hair care procedure require a little more time than usual treatments, how ever it is an excellent way to re store your hair and scalp heath (it is easy and you can do it at home)


You must follow up once week until your hair stop shedding.



You will need:

Baba de caracol shampoo


Baba de caracol Hair treatment


Baba de caracol conditioner (rinse)


Baba de caracol  leave in treatment


Vinegar, olive oil, pure coconut oil and vitamin E oil

(one table spoon of each)


After shampooing  your hair  rinse well with warm water

Pre-mix your hair treatment with the vinegar, olive, coconut and vitamin E oil (one table spoon of each) Mix with Plastic or wooden spoon DO NOT USE METAL


Apply hair treatment directly on the scalp and massage the scalp with your finger tips (never use your nails)on your scalp


cover with plastic cap and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, then Gently wash with a small ammount of shampoo, and Rinse well with warm water, do not leave any residues on your hair.


Apply baba rinse (conditioner) and proceed to carefully detangle your hair,  Then rinse well

Apply baba leave in treatment- Rollo set or style your hair

How to use Baba De Caracol

After washing your hair with Baba de Caracol Shampoo, apply treatment and sit under the hair dryer for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse well and proceed to apply the rinse massage gently and de tangle your hair, Rinse well apply leave



Baba de Caracol (Snail slime) Products contains collagen and allantoine which acts deep within the root of your hair to repair, hydrates and condition, promoting a healthy hair growth. The Snail slime contains natural antibiotic, which destroy bacteria in the skin, helping the elimination of dandruff and other skin and scalp conditions.

This product is a revolutionary cosmetology alternative, proven to be extremely effective to the health and regeneration of the capillary.

The success of this product is based in a substance called allantoin; which is a component generated by the organism of the snail, an excellent by-product for the restoration and regeneration of the hair and skin cells.

The deep concentration of protein, silks and minerals permit penetration through the hair strands and scalp allowing the rehabilitation of the damaged hair by sealing the cuticle and hydrating the hair follicles.

Baba De Caracol Natural Properties

The snails organism produce a variety of substances that are the basic key to improve hair and skin condition.

Snail protein:
is a secretion produced by the snail, is vital to the processes of repair and regeneration, snail slime is rich in medicinal, cosmetic and natural properties.

Allantoin: slows the aging of the skin. helps eliminate dead skin due to the strong content of anti oxidants, vitamins and moisturizer. Allantoin contains Proteins and Vitamins, they give nutrition to your hair making it soft and healthy. These proteins and vitamins are produced by snails from the plants that form their diet.

Natural Collagen and Elastin: The main components of the skin tissue.
Glycolic acid: is the key to remove dead skin by making possible the peeling or exfoliation, eliminating dead cells that can be found on the surface of our skin.

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Support FollicleCare!  Please Click Like and  Share With All Your Friends.