Hair relaxers or perms are meant to completely change our natural curl pattern; the chemical ingredients in relaxers cause your hair texture to change.

Lye based Relaxers, quickly break down the permanent protein bonds of our hair and can cause more scalp damage and irritation. Lye Relaxers Main component is sodium hydroxide and the level of PH is about 13-14
Two different types of strong chemicals are used to produce hydroxide

No-Lye Relaxers are best for you if your scalp is sensitive, because the chemicals in a no lye relaxer are usually milder on the scalp. The main component in a no-lye relaxer is guanidine hydroxide or calcium hydroxide and the pH level of a no-lye relaxer is about 10-12. The natural pH balance of our hair range between 4.5 to 5.5

The Difference between Lye and no lye relaxer is their level of PH and their main active ingredients, The pH level of a no-lye relaxer is lower than the PH level in a Lye Relaxer.
No-lye relaxers can be the best thing to use if you're having problems with scalp irritation. However, that difference does not make either one better or healthier for our hair. Lye and No-lye relaxers can cause the same damage to our hair and scalp. Therefore, Scalp irritation can occur from no-lye relaxers as well as lyerelaxers .
Remember, Relaxers are dangerous chemicals and we must take precaution when we use it.


First of all, it is extremely difficult for us to apply relaxers only to new growth without overlapping the perm on to the already permed hair. Many people apply the relaxers at home, you may not see immediate damage caused to the scalp, but eventually you will see a difference on your hair.

The best and safest way to do it is to find a hair care provider and always keeping in mind that relaxers change the structure of our natural hair and we should treat the hair and scalp often with protein and natural products..

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