Vinegar The Oldest Dominican Hair Care Secret

Vinegar prevent cells degeneration, improve the blood oxygen levels as well as blood circulation to the scalp.

Vinegar is able to remove the buildup and excess of chemicals absorbed by your hair during relaxers, bleaching and any other chemical process. Vinegar also seal the hair cuticle after cleansing each hair shaft, this help to create a smoother shinier and easier to manage hair.

Apple cider vinegar clarifies the scalp and removes the dead skin tissue , help eliminate clogged hair follicles. Contains alpha hydroxy acids and important nutrients, can help to maintain a healthy scalp and eliminate flakes, dandruff, psoriasis Etc. Vinegar is proven to be very effective against bacteria, almost 100% effective.

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Are phytorelaxers really the Best Relaxers?
PhytoSpecific Relaxers are probably the best invention for hair care and without a doubt the best relaxer you can find.
A genuine innovation for hair straightening. Guaranteed lye-free.
This formula naturally and perfectly straightens even the most coarse or resistant hair
Elaborated with Egg and soy active molecules which gives this high-technology product exceptional hair straightening capabilities leave the hair  radiant, soft and beautiful.

What makes these products different from other relaxers are the natural active ingredients;
Regular relaxers strips our hair from the natural protein and keratin leaving the hair cuticle extremely open and weak.

Phytorelaxers uses egg and soy based  as their basics ingredients as well as a substance derived from mushroom salts as its straightening agent. those ingredients are full of nutrients and protein and will protect the hair from breakage.

PhytoRelaxer comes in different levels each level provide the necessary ingredients to protect our hair from dehydration and hair loss.
Phyto relaxers are odorless, does not contain lye or all the harsh chemicals found in regular relaxers. However,  still contains calcium hydroxide, and although the amount used in phyto relaxers is minimum.  It is recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional stylist for better application.

Phytospecific Phytorelaxer Index 1

Gentle formula for straightening and smoothing delicate, fine hair. No lye.
Level 1:  Elaborated for healthy or normal hair  provides hydration.

Phytospecific Phytorelaxer Index 2

Gentle formula for straightening and smoothing normal, thick, and coarse hair, even the most resistant hair and is very mild on the scalp. Does not contain lye.
Level 2 Elaborated for very dry hair gives Hydration, nutrition and strengthens damaged or brittle hair




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