improve your Child's hair texture and growth

avoid dry bristle kid's hair. Gently Treat, condition and moisturize your kids hair at least once a week, trim every six to eight weeks to eliminate split ends, avoiding braids and tight hair styles, if you must use braids for convenience purpose, two strands twists are the best way to ensure less hair breakage and eliminate dehydration.

Avoid Changing hair products too often, stick to one or two hair care lines, unless your hair react negatively or you notice hair breakage. Keep your child hair moisturized and tangle free use products that can help your Childs hair to retain moisture. Use a leave in treatment or styling creams, this will de tangle, nourish and moisturize your child's delicate hair, will also provide protection, add elasticity, eliminate breakage, dehydration, and split ends. Massage Oils on the scalp and hair follicles, is recommended. Hair oils instantly absorbs into the hair to improve hair health and growth, eliminate frizz, while enhancing the hair texture. For at least 4 consecutive days after washing my daughter's hair, before bed time, I always apply, gently warmed oil with a cotton ball, I don't necessarily style her hair daily, but I try to apply the oil in her scalp.

"while washing the hair you can mix the shampoo with coconut, or almond oil this will help protect the hair from breakage and dehydration. Gently Love your child's hair, take good care of it now, so in the future they can enjoy long healthy hair.

Remember, use products formulated for kids hair.


About Mineral Oil

There are numerous amount of rumors about mineral oils and silicon and is often used as a marketing techniques from “Organic” hair care and skin care companies.
Mineral oil is Sometimes referred to as paraffin oil or Nujol, white mineral oil is composed of a blend of hydrocarbons; it has been used in cosmetics for over 100 years.
Mineral oil  is one of the most common ingredients available in skin, hair products and moisturizers,  although the amount of it used in hair products is almost insignificant;
Mineral Oil is Perhaps the single most common used ingredient, because it has the ability to help the body to absorb ultraviolet rays without drying out the skin, and it has emollients suitable for hydration;  helps prevent water from leaving your hair; it seals in moisture. (Just as silicone does )  That is one of the main reasons baby oil is made of 100% mineral oil, enhanced with fragrance.
Most hair care products and skin care products will have Mineral oils, Silicone, and chemical ingredients.  The main purpose is not to eliminate every ingredient ( that is almost impossible, even organic products will have a certain level of chemicals unless you apply the fruits and vegetables directly to your hair).  The most important factor is to ensure that your products contain a high level of natural ingredients, however, some people decide to use only organic or 100% natural products which is a great idea.  You can also opt for totally natural products such as natural fruits and vegetables).
The reality is, that if we are doing everything we read in magazines and hair forums and our hair is still damaged, we must make a decision about which products to use in our hair; find out what really works for you.  Don't judge a product by just its ingredients; judge it by the main components and the final results.
If there is a group of women using specific hair care products and most of them have long healthy hair, it is a big possibility that the products work.   Make up your mind and decide what is your most important priority when it comes to your hair health.
For example, Miss Jessie's hair products are one of the best products ever created to enhance or define curly hair texture and these products also contains Mineral oil.
I have used Dominican hair products since I was a kid most of my family's hair is coarse and our hair has always been long and pretty much healthy, I have never experienced hair loss or dehydration, although some Dominican hair products contains mineral oil.
I honestly believe, that ultimately, the best product is the one that works for you.

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