Deep Penetrating Conditioners or leave in treatments

Penetrate deep within the hair shaft to improve hair health, giving  our hair the moisture and strength it needs to grow. Ethnic hair textures are usually porous and coarse making it difficult for natural moisture to stay within the hair. Our hair cuticle tends to be raised and loses moisture easily; there for LEAVE IN treatments or hair moisturizers are really necessary for ethnic hair care. Leave in treatments can penetrate into the hair shaft to supply our hair with a high quality dose of moisture and improve hair health.

Leave In conditioners are a very important and necessary step to stop hair breakage, reduce hair thinning, promote curly hair growth and provide added protection against the elements and contaminants that can cause hair loss.
Use natural moisturizers.

Our hair needs moisture and deep conditioning, especially when the hair is exposed to chemical relaxers, hair colors, bleach and heat like blow dryers and flat irons.  Moisturizer can eliminate shedding and breakage and your hair will actually become longer.

Implement a hair care regimen with the proper treatments and moisturizers.

Conditioners and Leave In treatments are essential for our hair health. They  often contain excellent ingredients to seal the cuticles and coat the hair strand so additional moisture is unable to penetrate.

Most Dominican leave-in treatments are formulated with UV, and natural moisturizing ingredients that coat the hair strands to protect your hair from heat and dehydration by providing the perfect combination of moisturizers.

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