Why is Henna good for our hair
Henna is plant that produces a natural dye and has been used for centuries by north Africans, Indians and  Middle Eastern people to stain fabrics, tattoo the skin and color their nails and hair.
Henna has being used  to naturally color, treat and protect the hair for many years and it is proven to condition nourish and thickens the hair.
Henna wrap  the hair shaft adding  an additional cuticle layer and make your hair feel thicker, fuller and stronger. henna also work against  shedding, breaking, dandruff and premature grays.
Henna will not irritate the scalp or the skin, lighten (or bleach) hair and it is  the best way to color your hair naturally; because henna doesn't change or  alter the structure of the hair
Henna will  lightly straightens the hair making it  shiny and smooth without using harsh ingredients and chemicals.   Natural, pure henna is chemical free, safe to use  and  will keep your hair soft and shiny.

Things you should know about henna
You can mix Henna with any of  the following ingredients: chamomile tea , orange juice, wine or vinegar.
Never  use hot water to rinse Henna of  your hair ( hot water will open  the cuticles allowing the color to escape and fade)
Use cool water and a good conditioner to rinse the Henna  out of your hair
Never shampoo your hair after using henna ( You can shampoo your hair (2)two to (3)three days after the treatment)
Cover with plastic and wrap with a towel to generate heat , leave for 12 hours  or overnight (You can also  use a blow dryer for faster results)



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