Avoid Chlorine

"Before the pool, I personally apply a silicon base product on my hair as well as on my Daughter's hair.

Silicon will prevent the penetration of chlorine water. Silicones have the ability to wrap around the hair shaft to prevent the outside damaging agents from going in to the hair that is why most women find silicon products to work for their curly hair.

Silicone components have extremely large molecules, which make it almost impossible for the hair shaft to absorb the chlorine. However, using silicon base products as a daily hair care routine, can create silica build up around the hair follicle, eventually causing hair breakage


Products with high content of sodium, calcium and styling gels. They can lead to dryness.

There are many wonderful solutions and products to help us embrace our curls.

We must know and understand our hair texture and needs, we must keep our hair clean. We don’t always need to use hair shampoos; we can skip the shampoo and use hair conditioners or balsams as a replacement to wash our hair.

'It is OK to use the shampoo every two weeks to avoid products build up on your scalp'. However, if your hair is shampooed too often the chemicals in shampoo will strip your hair of its natural oils.  Shampooing and applying hair gel daily simply isn't the best option. I am not trying to say that you should not shampoo your hair or completely eliminate gels, but in order to ensure hair health and curl definition, you will need to compromise and care for your hair.

African American-Curly Hair, Needs More Moisture Than Caucasian Hair

African-American or Ethnic hair does not produce as much oils (Sebum) as Caucasian hair. Sebum is the oily secretion created by the sebaceous glandsand is responsible for generating and feeding nutrients to the follicles, also gives the hair its flexibility and luster.

Each hair follicle has a dermal papilla which is responsible for our hair growth, the hair follicles are fed with the sebum, (oil produced by sebaceous glands.)

Sebum is produced abundantly in Caucasian hair. For this reason, Curly hair needs more moisture than Caucasian hair and it is also the reason why Caucasians, are 10 times more likely to experience baldness than African Americans. Biracial, curly or coarse hair is different from any other hair types, simply because our hair requires more moisture to maintain its natural beauty.

The key to great curls is not a good hair gel but how you care for it.

All products are not created equally we must avoid products such as; hair grease, mousse, holding sprays and hair gels. Opt for products rich in moisture, leave-in conditioners and styling lotions with a high level of natural ingredients, especially those created for multi ethnic curly hair.

The best products to help curls definition contains; Silk protein, panthenol, glycerin, keratin, and sorbitol.  These ingredients are absolutely necessary in curly hair conditioners and treatments.

The best natural moisturizers for curly hair include; Soy, Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Wheat, Honey, Light Proteins and certain Aromatic Spices.

Wear protective styles. Avoid or eliminate pulling and handling, eliminate hair gels, blow dryers and shampoos. "It is not a good idea to Blow dry or to wear your hair wet daily" Air-drying can be time-consuming, but it is always best. These techniques will keep your hair moisturized and help your curls to hold longer

Deep treat your hair. At least every 3 weeks you must use a deep hair tretment, make sure the products you select contain natural ingredients, moisturizers and amino acids.

Lack of protein and moisture can often contribute to dehydration and porosity. "the layers of our hair cuticle are not able to maintain the natural moisture."

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